Corporate Advisory Services

Starting new business or planning some legal re-structuring in existing business, it is very important to decide the right legal status with right combination while anticipating the future business needs. After that compliance with applicable regulatory frameworks is key for smooth business operations.
Our Corporate Advisory Services provide our business partners strategic support you need while rightly understanding new business ventures, future requirements, the industry you are going to be the part, regulatory requirement and other related factors to advise you how and with what legal status you should start your business.

The Corporate Services are grounded in detail knowledge  of prevailing law, regulations and practices.
We can assist you regarding

Specialized registrations like Special Economic Zones (SEZs) Chamber of Commerce, PSW, DTS, PEC, NGOs

Advice in setting up of different legal structures like Sole proprietor, AOP, Companies like SMC, Pvt Ltd and others

Foreign Direct investments, SBP, BOI matters, issuance of shares to foreign shareholders both individuals & corporates, compliance with Foreign Exchange Regulations Act 

Changes in legal structure, ownerships, shareholdings

 Mergers & Acquisitions